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The shoulder is one of those incredibly versatile and hard-working joints that you don't normally pay much attention to -- until something goes wrong with it. Once you develop chronic pain or a disabling injury in one or both shoulders, however, you suddenly realize just how limited your quality of life has become. Even so, you may not get the relief you need from simple painkillers, while the prospect of shoulder surgery seems awfully extreme to you (and rightly so). If you'd rather pursue drug-free, non-invasive shoulder pain treatment in Ogallala, NE, Weiss Chiropractic PC can help you achieve that elusive relief and help you optimize your shoulder function.

Shoulder Pain Causes and Symptoms

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The human shoulder joint features a ball-and-socket arrangement that allows you to raise, lower, and rotate your arm in a variety of directions. But there's more to this complex joint than the ways the arm bone, shoulder blade, and collarbone come together. Making your shoulder move requires a set of four muscles known as the rotator cuff. These muscles are attached to the shoulder bones by tendons, which are cushioned by anti-friction sacs called bursae. The bone ends are lined with cartilage to keep them from rubbing together. As you might suspect, these many parts offer many opportunities for damage or dysfunction to occur -- with shoulder pain as the result. Common causes include:

  • Sports injuries - A violent tackle or other sports impact can dislocate the arm bone from the shoulder socket, which causes sudden, agonizing pain. Tearing of the rotator cuff muscles or tendons can also make even the slightest shoulder motion unthinkable. Many athletes also develop chronic inflammation of the shoulder muscles, bursae, or tendons due to repetitive motions such as countless tennis serves, golf swings or baseball pitches.
  • Overuse injuries - Sports activities aren't the only path to chronic shoulder pain. Work activities, musical instrument playing, painting, or any other activities that overwork the shoulder can cause chronic tendonitis, muscle strain, and other kinds of inflammatory pain.
  • Auto accident injuries - Auto accidents can cause acute shoulder injuries. If you slam your shoulder into part of the cabin, for instance, you can dislocate your shoulder. Violent twisting motions beneath your safety harness can tear shoulder tissues.
  • Degenerative joint ailments - Degeneration of the shoulder joint can make your shoulder achy and stiff. The best-known example is osteoarthritis, in which the joint's protective cartilage thins out and disintegrates.
  • Referred shoulder pain - Sometimes shoulder pain doesn't actually mean shoulder damage. If a nerve root in your cervical spine is pinched, it may relay pain to the nerves that pass through the shoulder.

Chiropractic Care for Conservative Shoulder Pain Treatment

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Chiropractic care makes a natural first line of treatment for shoulder pain. Our chiropractor can examine your shoulder via X-rays and other techniques to observe problems ranging from osteoarthritis or mild joint alignment errors to an acute dislocation. We can also check your neck to see whether you're actually experiencing referred cervical nerve pain. We can then provide safe, conservative shoulder pain treatment by making the necessary chiropractic adjustments to normalize joint position and relieve pinched nerve tissue.

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Weiss Chiropractic PC is your choice for shoulder pain treatment if you want to feel better and/or heal faster without surgery or medication.

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