Back Pain Treatment in Golden, CO

Woman holds back seeking back pain treatment in golden, Co

Your back does a lot of work. It holds up your entire body, whether you are walking, standing, sitting, and even while you are laying down. Because it is the framework for everything you do, it is easily susceptible to injuries. Carrying too much weight, falling, twisting too much, putting too much strain on any part of your back, and more can push disks in your back out of alignment, pull and strain ligaments and tendons in the back, and even lead to degenerative disk disease, if repetitive injuries are made to the back over time. Back injuries can lead to chronic and severe back pain leading to a need for back pain treatment no matter whether you’re young or old.

When your back is injured and painful, you can choose drugs or surgery, but both have severe drawbacks. There is recovery time, postoperative pain, the possibility of surgical complications, and the possibility of the addition to pain-relieving drugs. In most instances, it is a far smarter decision to go visit a chiropractor. With a chiropractor, you get safe, natural healing that lasts, with no drugs or surgery required. Even better, its effectiveness at healing back pain naturally is well-established and accepted by most mainstream doctors. Most insurances even pay for chiropractic care these days.

How Your Chiropractor Can Help With Back Pain

Chiropractor treats back pain with patient laying on a chiropractic tableIf you go to a chiropractor for treating back pain, you can expect manual manipulations of your spine to release the tension on the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Once the tension is relieved, the misaligned vertebrae can more easily be moved back into their correct positions. Additional treatments, such as physical therapy and massage, which your chiropractor can also provide for you, strengthen your back so the vertebrae stay in place once they are moved back where they belong.

Depending on your situation, your chiropractic doctor may also recommend spinal decompression for your healing. With spinal decompression, a machine gently stretches your spine, opening up spaces between the vertebrae, so misaligned ones can easily slip back into their appropriate positions. It is a safe and painless procedure, and you can start noticing results as soon as the first treatment. Your degree of back pain, its cause, and how long you’ve had it will determine how many manual or decompression treatments you need to achieve full healing.

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