Foot Pain Treatment in Ogallala

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Common Conditions Causing Foot Pain

While everybody experiences occasional foot pain for various reasons, foot pain treatment is recommended if pain is due to an injury, accompanied by a fever or if severe pain develops suddenly for no reason. People with diseases that impair their circulatory system (diabetes, for example) should call their foot pain doctor in Ogallala as soon as possible if one or both feet become painful.

Achilles Tendonitis

Your calf muscles are attached to heel bones by the Achilles tendon, a tough strip of tissue that helps control foot and ankle movement. When overused and strained, inflammation of the tendon can cause pain when you apply pressure on the bottom of the affected foot. Achilles tendonitis is usually treatable with RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) but if pain persists for more than two days, seek foot pain treatment in Ogallala.

Plantar Fasciitis

Inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament extending across the heel bone may be diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. Symptoms of plantar fasciitis include heel pain, difficulty walking because of severe heel pain, and worsening pain after stepping on the foot. Risk factors for plantar fasciitis include standing for hours on hard floors, being overweight, having high arches or, alternately, flat feet, and walking improperly. of motion.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Arthritis or injury are the most common reasons for suffering tarsal tunnel syndrome, an inflammation of the tibial nerve stretching through a narrow canal within the ankle bone and ligaments extending over the foot. Signs of tarsal tunnel syndrome are tingling and numbness in the foot's middle and heel and shooting pains in these areas.

Foot Sprain

When you injure ligaments or other soft tissues that connect several joint bones and experience pain, swelling, and warmth, you may have a foot sprain. Reasons for foot sprains include jumping up and down, pivoting suddenly while running or slipping/stumbling while walking. A foot pain doctor classifies foot sprains as minor (tiny ligament tears), moderate (larger ligament tears), or severe (complete detachment of ligaments from bone).

Foot Gout

Although gout typically affects finger joints, it can also affect foot and toe joints. Gout happens when you have excess uric acid in your bloodstream. Uric acid forms sharp, crystalline structures in joints that cause severe swelling and pain. Gout needs to be treated as soon as possible to avoid becoming a chronic condition that could damage joints.

Foot Osteoarthritis

Arthritis generally affects three areas of the foot: the shinbone-ankle joint, joints involving the outer mid-foot, inner mid-foot, and heel bone, and the joint connecting the foot bone to the big toe.

Foot Pain Treatment Options

Weiss Chiropractic PC in Ogallala offers several effective treatment therapies to resolve conditions causing foot pain. Your foot pain doctor may recommend one or more of the following:

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Corrective Exercises to Accelerate Healing and Reduce Pain

Sprains and plantar fasciitis respond well to special exercises your doctor can show you how to do. Foot exercises will also strengthen weakened muscles and ligaments and help reduce your risk for repetitive injuries.

Health and Wellness Program

Foot pain treatment for gout primarily involves making dietary changes to decrease uric acid in the blood. Dr. Weiss will inform you of what you should be eating and not eating and suggest making other lifestyle changes to reduce or eliminate attacks of gout.

Chiropractic Techniques

Several chiropractic techniques such as active release therapy (ART) work well to address plantar fasciitis pain and other conditions that interfere with walking and running. ART is a type of massage therapy that stretches and extends soft tissues for the purpose of breaking up scar tissue.

Why Choose Weiss Chiropractic PC for Foot Pain Treatment?

Dr. Weiss and his team have been serving Ogallala, NE and surrounding area residents for several years, providing superior, personalized chiropractic, wellness, and physical therapy care to patients with musculoskeletal disorders and joint pain. We take the time to discuss your concerns and your expectations regarding treatment programs. Call Weiss Chiropractic PC today at (308) 882-8020 to talk to a friendly staff member or to schedule an appointment.

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