Disc Disorders and Their Treatment

If you are experiencing back pain, then there is a chance that you may have something called a disc disorder. The vertebrae in the back are separated by small discs. These discs are designed to prevent the vertebrae from rubbing against one another. If you are suffering from disc disorders, then you should be familiar with some of the most common causes. Then, read more about how a chiropractor can help you.

What Are The Most Common Causes of Disc Disorders?

There are two broad categories of disc disorder causes. The first is an acute cause. In this case, people develop a disc disorder because they are involved in a traumatic accident, suffer a sports injury, or are involved in a car crash. Acute injuries can lead to disc issues involving the back, leading to back pain.

In other cases, people develop disc disorders because of chronic, gradual issues. For example, some people may have a genetic condition that predisposes them to develop disc issues. In other cases, people may have a condition, such as arthritis, that may damage the discs gradually, over time. There are multiple types of disc issues that someone might suffer.

A Herniated Disc Can Lead To Back Pain

Disc Disorders and Their Treatment

One of the most common examples is a herniated disc. Also called a slipped disc, this takes place when one of the discs in between the vertebrae ends up rupturing. As a result, the liquid material inside of the disc begins to leak down the spine itself. This can irritate the nerves, leading to shooting pains that travel down the arms or legs. Furthermore, a slipped disc can also cause two vertebrae to collapse on top of one another, leading to irritation and compression. Even though some people believe they need surgery, this is not always the case.

A Bulging Disc Must Be Addressed

A bulging disk is similar to a herniated disc. A bulging disc simply hasn't ruptured yet. On the other hand, a bulging disc can still expand and irritate the nerves of the spine, leading to back or leg pain. If this issue is addressed quickly, it might be possible to prevent the disc from herniating. Therefore, the recovery process might be faster. It is important to work with a trained back specialist, such as a chiropractor, to address this issue.

Degenerative Disc Disease Leads To Gradual Symptoms

Another common cause of back pain is called degenerative disc disease. Degenerative disc disease is something that takes place gradually. Over time, the discs in the back start to dehydrate. As a result, they start to shrink. Gradually, the vertebrae in the back start to compress one another. Eventually, people start to develop back pain, nerve pain, and other issues. It is critical to expanding the space in between the vertebrae to address these symptoms.

How Does A Chiropractor Treat Disc Issues: Herniated Disc Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, then you may believe that you need surgery as part of herniated disc treatment. Fortunately, this is not always the case. The chiropractor will take a look at your symptoms, figuring out exactly where the herniated disc is located. Then, the chiropractor can use adjustment, manipulations, and even spinal decompression therapy to increase the space between the vertebrae, addressing the root cause of your back pain. That way, you might be able to recover from a herniated disc without requiring surgery.

For Help with a Slipped Disc, Rely on Weiss Chiropractic PC and Regenerative Wellness

If you are looking for help with a slipped disc, we can help you. We are Weiss Chiropractic PC and Regenerative Wellness and we have a tremendous amount of experience helping people with disc disorders, including a herniated disc as well as degenerative disc disease. Count on us to help you with your back pain issues. Give us a call today at‭ (308) 882-8020 to make an appointment!

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