Testimonials for Weiss Chiropractic in Golden

“I had self-diagnosed myself with a sciatica issue on my left side and just dealt with the pain for YEARS stretched and took pain meds. Until one day the pain was so intense I could barely get out of bed or walk. Thinking I just overdid it with the grandkids, I ramped up the pain meds for over a week. After it got worse, and I was literally in tears, I made an appointment with Dr. Weiss. He took Xrays and patiently and professionally showed me what the real problem was. My spine and discs have been unaligned for so long and final just reached this breaking point. He also showed me an issue with my neck on the Xray that I didn’t even realize was adding to the problem.Through his precise adjustments I am 100% (no really) pain free! People . . . don’t go anywhere else!”
– Danella Dopudja Soeka

“Dr. Weiss is AMAZING. His experience and knowledge have been priceless. He remains a professional at all times and is extremely patient with me. I have a long history of back pain due to scholiosis and old injuries. He takes the time to address my concerns and gets me back on track in a quick and efficient manner. I’m certain Dr. Weiss can help you too.”
– T Combs

“I have seen 3 different Chiropractors over the past 5 years or so NOT including Dr.Weiss, and I must say, he is by far the best. Easy, flexible scheduling. Quick, friendly, and professional service. Not to mention, I actually FEEL better when I walk out of his office. I coach at a CrossFit gym, and always send my athletes straight to him. You owe it to yourself to check him out!”
– Lundstrom

“Dr. Weiss is VERY GOOD at adjusting, and I compare this to (several) other chiropractors I have previously been treated by. His adjustment techniques are very smooth and comfortable. He adjusts my daughter too, those wellness treatments keep her healthier than her peers at school, as she is hardly ever sick. If I TRUST my ONLY LITTLE GIRL to him, that is the best recommendation I can give!”
– J Simon

“Dr. Weiss is great! He is professional, friendly, and very welcoming. Since first getting adjusted I have felt much better. He explained everything thoroughly and made me feel comfortable with the whole process. I have started sleeping better and seeing improvements in everyday life. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic work.”
– K Ryan